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HLCC has helped hundreds of thousands of men and women combat hair loss through doctor directed programs that combine low level laser therapy, patented formula hair products, and nutritionals.

Our patients and results

We have one of the largest success stories record in our industry with hundreds of case studies.

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How do we help so many?

Years of training, experience and research back our
procedures and have made us experts in-field.

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Patient Testimonials

“After about 2 months when I first saw results from HLCC, I was shocked. I look better, I feel younger. After getting your hair back, it’s just an amazing feeling.”

Alan Parker

“Within the first couple weeks, my hair stopped falling out. A few months later, I noticed my hair was starting to grow back in much thicker, much fuller. Thanks HLCC!”

Jenny Wilson

“When I noticed that [my hair] was starting to recede, that’s when I got the HLCC…and the results really do speak for themselves. I look forward to continuing my treatment.”

Peter Johnson